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I Love Fall! Let's get into it! With The Season Syncing Exercise.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

By Lola Hardy · Photo Credits Below

The smells, the crazy pumpkin or not wars. The silly teasing of the adoration of all things Fall. Jim Gaffigan one of my favorite comedians, elicits the heart of it with his rendition of fall lovers everywhere, "The foliage! Let's drive by the foliage, it's so beautiful the way the leaves die..." I can't say I'm not guilty. I do love me some dying leaves.

Asphalt Road with Trees lining both sides. The trees are covered with fall foliage of yellows, oranges and reds.
Our road, surrounded by endings, and yet the opportunity ahead beckons.

I love Fall! Let's get into it! Fall is like that, beauty where it oughtn't be. I have found the beauty in life blending with the season of falling leaves to be full of metaphors for Living Full Out!

I'm sure you've probably heard this before, but it is one of my favorite observations of the season.

The trees drop their leaves to conserve their energy. Preparing for the re-birth season, spring.

Every year this simple reminder jolts me. Every year, the lightening bolt, I have seasons too! Maybe it's the business of Summer? Or the nature of the seemingly endless heat of summer that by September feels as if it will never, ever, ever end, at least it feels that way to me. But, each autumn I am caught off guard by the remembrance of seasons. Well, the remembrance that I too have seasons.

Are you like me, running around accomplishing very little by fall? So busy being busy you forget what you are doing? It's like the old married couple that fights but neither of them could tell you what they are fighting about, they're just in the habit of fighting! That's me with remembering I have personal seasons.

Ocean wave receding from sand.
Syncing with rhythm of life brings us into alignment to Live Full Out.

If only I would remember that I need to ebb and flow like the tide or wax and wane like the moon.

Moon Full to sliver on black sky.
Crescendos and Decrescendos are part of life. Knowing your cycle releases stress.

Being in the alternative healing field, I've been around a lot of people that suggest syncing ourselves with nature. Observing nature and do the same in your life. For example, rest in winter and plan, or grow in summer... But if you are like me, my life doesn't work that cleanly. I can't always rest from December 21th through March 19th. I exaggerate, but sometimes that's how it feels to me. Like these ideas are so airy and impractical, what is the point?

The problem with the applying seasonal syncing is what if I'm in my spring or summer season and it's winter outside? This is the resistance I've found with seasonal syncing, my season's almost never sync up the nature's seasons! The point is sound, the application is problematic. However, I have the key to this kind of naturally syncing. You guessed it, astrology.

Phoenix inside zodiac with astrology symbols
Astrology gives us insight into our seasons. Maybe we feel aimless or driven. Insight that allows us to maximize our resources.

How does astrology answer this question? Transits. Transits let us know when it is time for us to slow down and conserve our energy, reduce commitments and harvest some of our abundance. We've planted and prepped for this! (autumn) When to plant seeds for what we want to harvest later in life. Where to invest our time, money and other resources. (spring) When to prep the soil for the seeds we want to plant. Planning, and more planning, thinking, meditating, dreaming time. (winter) And when we ought to frolic like there is no worry in the world. Take the risk, stand out, strut your stuff. Spend a little money, make a little noise! It's your time to SHINE! (summer)

How do transits key us in to our season. The planets we personify as symbols or different parts of our psyche give us our clues. For example, if Saturn is pressing on your inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) this is a great time to get to work, hard work. The work of summer, the work of spring. Plant your seeds, water them, tend them, weed them. Hopefully you prepped during your winter and know what to invest in, how to use your resources. In the Fall of your life, you will be grateful you were so diligent.

Saturn in space · Nasa image
Satrun symbolizes hard work over time. Saying no. Learning to be your own authority.

Or maybe Neptune is flying by, hitting those same personal planets, then winter could be making itself felt in your life. A time for dreaming, at night and during the day. Painting, singing, dancing or getting lost in nature. Hiking or swimming. Enjoying the glamour of imaging you the star of the whole galaxy. Dreaming of all the futures you could take, a new love, a new career, a new project. What dream have you left hidden inside, what seed is wanting you to see it? We have to dream to find the inner desires we have. We have to play and dabble and not care who likes it or not. It's just for you. You get to imagine being anyone you want to be. A slow slide into a new persona. Just for a time. Just to try it on and see if it fits. Don't get too attached to this dream period. Dreams are just that, unless we be our own authority and put in a little hard work.

Neptune in space · Nasa Image
Neptune looks so blueberry like. Like the fruit, it can stain our psyche and leave us feeling blue. Remember Practicality is the Neptune antidote.

As always, I can't go through every transit, especially to every planet and house... But, just know, you have a season right now. You don't have to know astrology to know your season. You can feel it. Like the fall chill, the smell of snow, the first sight of buds on the trees, the warmth of the sun deep into the evening. You will feel your season. You will know it.

I use this exercise to get me into sync with my season.

Season Syncing Exercise

· Gather something to write with, a notebook and pen or even your phone.

· Find a place you feel comfortable, out in nature, laying in your bed, snuggled with your fur baby. Wherever you feel safe and can take some time to be alone and feel, think and dream.

· Once you are all settled in, close your eyes. Breathe in for the count of 4 and out for the count of 4. Breathe in and out to the count of four 10 times. This should settle your body and reduce tension.

· Pay attention. What is the loudest, is it racing lists of tasks to do? Or are you immediately falling asleep? Do you feel inspired or maybe anxious. Just observe. Just witness you.

· Keep breathing through this. Let this initial burst pass. Let's observe what is just beneath this level. Do you feel your season? Do you intuitively sense it? Do you notice ideas and new projects popping into you? Do you feel a whirlwind of energy pushing you to get up and go? Is there a desire to gather friends or family, to clean your space, to organize, declutter? A feeling of fun, laughter, play? Your season will be as unique as you.

· Follow that feeling, impulse, thought, desire... If you're psyche will let you pause for a moment, jot down your experience. Be as detailed as you need to be, imagine if you were going to remember this moment with full clarity in 6 months. Write that detailed.

What are you going to do, be, dream in your season? Let me know in the comments! The first comment will be tips for it you're struggling with the exercise. Let's all of us Live Full Out in our unique season, in our own personal way.


Lola Hardy Nov 2023 Astrology Phoenix

Photo Credits in order they appear:

Edgar Chapparo - Unsplash

Nasa - Unsplash (Saturn and Neptune images)

THANK YOU for your beautiful art!!

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1 Comment

Lola Hardy
Lola Hardy
Nov 20, 2023

Remember to count slowly one, one thousand, two one thousand,...

If you haven't found your season, slow down and maybe go a layer deeper. Try to feel how each season feels to you. Imagine your perfect spring day, how do you feel in your body? Go through each season and get in touch with how that season feels then repeat the exercise. If you are still stuck, leave a comment and I'll see if I can help you activate this exercise. Happy Season Hunting. Love, Love, Love Lola

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