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Astrology coaching for when you feel stuck, invisible, or unable to make a decision

You can't control what you get in life, but you CAN control how you respond
I can help you
Astrology Coaching

The Universe doesn't make mistakes. 

That means you are designed to live full out,
exactly as you are.

I'm here to guide you through what's keeping you 
stuck and help you step into your
innate power and control.

Are you ready?

How does astrology coaching work?

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We start with a 

comprehensive reading of your birth chart to see where you're stuck, where you're meant to thrive, and how you're uniquely designed

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Based on what we find in

your chart and where you want to focus, I'll help you

notice things that are in 

your way and offer 

guidance and advice

where appropriate

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You have absolute control over your life, and I'm here

to help you embrace that

so you can move past

whatever is holding you

back to live with joy and 



Meet Your Astrology Coach and Guide

I’m Lola, and I’m glad you’re here.


I’m passionate about helping others live full out – embracing the ick and pain in life just as much as the joy and abundance. 


We need YOU (exactly as you are) to fulfill your purpose and make an impact in this world.

After my children were born with genetic and birth defects that were essentially ignored by conventional medicine and doctors, I set out on a mission to learn about other healing modalities and options. What started as a quest to keep my family alive became my passion to help others.


Along the way I earned my PhD and a whole lot of credentials in everything from Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, and Reiki to leadership coaching and DiSC personality assessment. 

Now I use my extensive knowledge, experience, and gifts to help adults and teens who feel stuck but are ready for more.

Photo of Lola

Astrology Coaching for Teens and Adults

If you're a teen who...
  • Is over the age of 12

  • Wants to learn how to better accept and love yourself

  • Has a specific question or challenge to work through

  • Is open to growth and change

  • Would like to better understand your personal strengths and areas of growth

Astrology coaching may be a great fit!

If you're an adult who...
  • Wants to learn more about your birth chart and how it can be your guide

  • Is willing to be curious and open-minded

  • Has Specific questions or challenges you'd like help working through

  • Wants to understand the why behind specific challenges in your life

You may benefit from astrology coaching!

“I was blown away with the depth and different way Lola approached helping me. She didn’t offer deterministic ‘you are this' talk, but instead shared insightful, helpful, real world applicable guidance.”

 – Kate T.

Photo of Kate
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