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Astrology! My Sun Sign Is Wrong, Help!

By Lola Hardy · Photos credited below

Human Sillohette, backdrop of the night sky in torquoise, pink and orange.
Wondering how to know yourself? Astrology is a guide.

Does your Sun Sign seem wrong when you read your horoscope online or wherever? Yeah, that's pretty common. Does it seem like people try to hard to make things fit their Sun Sign? What if what you've read about your Sun Sign has nothing to do with your Sun Sign? Confused? I was too. "My Astrology Sun Sign is wrong! Help!!" Are words I've heard more than once! Hopefully by the end of this blog, you'll have a better understanding of Sun Signs and what's up with the inconsistencies.

If Astrology is broad enough to encompass all human beings, how can it be accurate about a unique individual? The quick and dirty answer, you're not just your Sun Sign and you grow into your Sun Sign over a lifetime. Don't even get me started on aspects to your Sun. Is your Sun in aspect to Mars or Venus or Neptune? Every one of those aspects change how your Sun Sign would express through you.

Yellow Arrow forefront of many red arrows on a black background.
Understanding complex potentials. Astrology points the way.

Well great, now it's even more confusing! If it's so complicated why do astrologers publish generic info about Sun Signs or Moon Signs or whatever Signs? I've wondered this a million times. It is so confusing to everyone, who does it help?

Here is the best easiest hack I can give you. You can find potentials that resonate with you no matter the planet and no matter the sign. We all have all the planets and all the signs in our horoscopes. So something will resonate. But I resonate with Pisces and I'm an Aries!?! That's normal too. What if your Sun is in aspect to Neptune or Jupiter? Your Sun even if it's in Aries could have a decidedly Pisces feel to you. Also, which house is your Sun in? If it's in the 12th house it could feel Piscean too. So if you read something, somewhere about how an Aries Sun is supposed to feel and it doesn't resonate or feel accurate to you, no stress, there is something in your chart creating a different lived experience for you.

The key to always remember with Astrology is the planets, the signs and the houses are all just symbols, a short hand to communicate possible Archetype expressions. If I'm a Leo Sun I can be a bright sunny spot too big for life or I can be moody and dramatic. What's the difference besides sign? Another planet aspect or a house difference. It could be Leo in 5th house or Leo in the 8th house or Leo in aspect to Jupiter or Leo in aspect to Moon. Leo is generous and charismatic and unique, but it can also be needy and arrogant and too much. All of that and more. But which piece of Leo Sun do I express? We have to look at the whole chart. None of us are just our Sun, definitely not just our Sun Sign! We are our whole chart in all its complexity and nuance.

Shooting star at deep sunset. sunset bottom of image fades to night sky with a shooting star.
Who you are, is what you choose to express from your personal infinite stars of potentials.

Are some people simple just that sign? Maybe one in a million would be mostly their Sun Sign, if all the other planets were in that sign and they were healthy, they could express mostly that sign, but even then, they still have all the other signs in their psychological make-up too. So nope, none of us are that simple. We are complex, contradictorily, messy us. No one is purely their Sun Sign with no other pieces to them.

Turns out, you hold out, you! You've been the wise one all along. You're Sun Sign isn't you, it's just one part of you and it can be shaded by many things in your chart. Stand firm in your knowledge of who you are and don't succumb to the tempting, I am affirmation of being a stripped down to only your Sun Sign. That's not you, you are beautifully all the signs. We all are. Do you still worry that your astrology Sun Sign is wrong, or can you now see it's one piece of a complicated ever changing picture that reflects you? How do you want to express your birth chart, Sun Sign included? What piece of you do you like to share with the world? Let me know in the comments.


Lola Hardy Aug 2023 Astrology Phoenix

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