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Is Astrology for Real?

By Lola Hardy · Photo credits below

Night sky, time lapse, with blurred star images.
How can the distant planets have anything to do with me?

I used to wonder the same thing when I was a little girl. Part of me wanted it to be real

and part of me was afraid if it was that meant I was doomed to the fates. It was exhilarating to think there could be a way to learn more about me and terrifying to think that something as simple as the time, date and place I was born could say so much about me. How could that be real?

Years of studying many topics and many modalities of metaphysical sciences and belief systems, I finally found my answer! Wanna know what I found out?

I found that Astrology is indeed "real", and it isn't. I know, not what you want to hear. There are forms of astrology still practiced today that take a more fated approach to the birth chart and then there are more modern forms that take a more free will approach.

I am studying astrology with Astrology University. I have been exposed to many types of Astrology through their program. What I love the most that they have given me, is the answer to sort out how Astrology can be both real and not real simultaneously.

So, is astrology real? It all comes down to personification. Remember that word from english class? It means to give to something non-human, human characteristics, like saying I felt the fridge watching me, judging me as I sat trying to decide what to make for dinner. We all know the fridge isn't

White refrigerator with an angry face drawn on the frong.
Angry, Judgement whether real or not can affect our behaviour.

actually watching us, but sometimes the act of deciding what to make for dinner can be laborious and one could imagine their fridge watching them judgmentally as they stand with the door open gazing over and over at the lack-luster options inside. Is the fridge judging my food choices? Or how long I am taking to decide? We'll never know because the fridge isn't watching me or judging me it's not communicating with me in any way.

Astrology, personifies the planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Turquoise water, with a white capped ocean wave receding from the beach.
Moon affects the Tides. The Tides affect the world. The Moon affects people in every day ways.

We call them all planets for ease of communication. We give them human attributes and traits. We talk like Pluto is sending difficult situations our way. Well, in this way Astrology is not yet real. Does Pluto send energy or events, or people our way? Who knows, after all the gravitational pull of the Moon effects 2/3rds of the Earth's surface, pushing in and pulling out the tides around the globe. Who knows how or if Pluto is affecting us. So, if they - the planets - aren't down here meddling in our lives, how can we say there is any merit to Astrology?

A horoscope circle with a Phoenix bird in the center of the Astrology Signs, divided into the 12 Houses of the Zodiac.
Astrolgogy symbols are shorthand for the Archetypes. Phoenix is a metaphor for transforming yourself.

We use personification of the planets as place holders for the Archetypes that Astrology is based on. Aries carries the Archetype of a pioneer, a warrior, a leader. Pisces carries the Archetype of divine whole. A ocean of completeness. Unity.

The key phrase I learned is "Astrology is Archetypally predictive, not causal predictive or even predictive predictive."

What this means is, it can tell you which Archetype your psyche is wired with, but not how it will express. Let's take Gemini for an example. What do you "know" about Gemini's? They are talkative, they like to flit around from one thing to the next. What if they were quiet and a great listener and an absorber of data? That is Gemini too. Or, what if they take lots of local trips around their neighborhood, like a delivery driver? That is an expression of Gemini too. They could express Gemini by being a writer, a teacher or a spiritual guru. Even going into great depth on certain topics, not all Gemini's switch between topics at lightning speed.

Astrology doesn't tell us who we have to be. It tells us who we could be.

Let's say you are that delivery driver that feels this is all I can be in life. You meet with your astrologer and they help you uncover other potential expressions of that Gemini. After all, everyone has a Gemini in their chart and we aren't all silent absorbers of knowledge or delivery drivers. We decide how to express our psychological wiring, programing and conditioning. Astrology gives us laser like insight to discover more about ourselves and those around us. More on that in a blog to come.

I hope this helps you in your exploration of this ancient science and that you allow yourself

A hand holding a lit sparkler with a gray unfocused background
Ignite your Life with Astrology. Let it guide to Living Full Out!

room to explore what Astrology has for you. Let astrology be real in Igniting some potential within and find a new piece of you, you haven't met before. If you'd like to learn more about you and the potentials you carry within yourself. Maybe Astrology has some insight for you. Happy potential exploring.

Let me know in the comments how the sparks in your life help you to Live Full Out!


Lola Hardy AUG 2023 Astrology Phoenix

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