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Astrology FAQ's Answered!

By Lola Hardy · Photos credited below

Opened books lying one upon another.
May be an actual image of my desk while studying Astrology.

This photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash could have been a picture of my desk so many times. That's the quick answer to the cost question.

If you're a good, astrologer you are educated. And if you are attempting to make a career as an astrologer, you've probably spent years and years and years learning astrology and complimentary psychology, archetype training, and many other possible trainings. To be a great astrologer, multiply that.

Person sitting at table with a laptop in front of them, a dark coffee mug sits on the table. the foreground is blurred and the back ground is a window with a tree trunk and tree foliage.
Astrology is an intensive study that requires years to be proficient in, like any profession.

Every astrologer I've learned from has degrees in psychology, archetypes or the like. They are absolutely stupendous. Many of them have careers as professors at universities or full time therapy practices. If astrology were a regulated industry, it would be equivalent to at least a Master's degree for a good astrologer and PhD level learning for a great astrologer. Most great astrologers I know have published books and have researched nuanced aspects or focus areas in Astrology.

Spray painted white petal flower with a red spray painted heart overlayed the flower with the word "Welcome" in black spray paint over the Flower and Heart.
Astrology wants to stay accessible and welcoming, regulation puts barriers to many potential astrologers.

Why isn't Astrology a regulated industry? Anyone can hang a shingle so to speak. Well, that's complicated. Many astrologers would be horrified to think some governing body is going to dictate how they have to practice astrology. Others want the field regulated so people stop harming others when they, without any education, start "being an astrologer". It gives us a bad rep. What's the answer? We will probably keep doing what we do and attempt to educate those interested in an Astrology career on the importance of a teacher, mentor or at the very least some great teachers through books, or online programs. And leave the regulation to other professions. We like our open doors and welcoming community.

Crowd of People holding signs in blue, white and gold/orange colors promoting Science.
Science versus Astrology. Every Sign in this photo applies to Astrology. Truth is power, Science was birthed from Astrology.

If Astrology is accurate why do Scientists dismiss or even openly reject astrology? My first lesson at Astrology University was "The History of Astrology." In that class I learned something that I think is important for people to understand about Astrology. 1st, Astrology is ancient. And Archetypes that Astrology is based on are even more ancient. 2nd, Astrology is "Geocentric" and astronomy is "Heliocentric". Fancy way of saying Astronomy views and measures the universe from the Sun, while most forms of Astrology view and measure the planets from an Earth bound perspective. And 3rd, Astrology isn't concerned with the provable data through "studies", though there have been several of those starting back in 1940's. Astrology is concerned and built on the observations of humans for millennia. When Mars is in the sky here, these kinds of things seem to occur. This isn't a one time occurance. It is a trackable repeatable pattern. Richard Tarnas wrote Cosmos and Psyche explaining this in great detail and the Gauquelin Research are two in depth studies spanning decades of research. So, why do many scientists claim Astrology is not a real science? I haven't the foggiest what poor data they are examining to come to their conclusions. Or maybe, like many times before, Astrology has encountered a time of religious fervor. The current flavor is that of "empirical" science. Astrology has been condemned as heresy in view of the Scientific Method. But 150 years ago, no one new there could be string theory and now whole sections of astrophysics dedicate themselves in attempting to unravel it's possible mystery. They condemn astrology in my opinion because it is ancient, therefore must be invalid. We still use calculus that isn't modern and the pythagorean theorem. I think scientists would be hard pressed to not admit that is very, very old science indeed.

So, bottom line, because they assume what they see in Sun Sign party tricks is all there is to the Science of Astrology. It would be like saying the only math is what is taught in kindergarten. But if they are happy with a kindergarten experience with Astrology, I'm happy for them. For more Astrology FAQ's answers check out some of my other blogs.

See my blog Is Astrology Real? - Aug 2023 For further explanation on how Astrology gets both it's uncannily accurate and total bogus reps.

Like Science, Astrology has been trying to lift the conditions of human beings, and give meaning to the seeming mysteries of life. It helps us Live Full Out, within our unique strengths.

Final question for you. Did you know Astrology has been scientifically study and found to be accurate by qualified academia recently? Tell me in the comments. If you want to learn more about academic studies check out Richard Tarnas's book The Cosmos and Psyche for a start.


Lola Hardy Aug 2023 Astrology Phoenix

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