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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is about helping you reconnect with your soul. Charting a way for you to reconnect with all that is and find your place as one part of the whole. Then to learn ways to stay connected and deepen that connection. I am also a psychic medium. I use my Claire senses as deemed appropriate by me. Psychic work cannot be guaranteed and is not fool proof. It is a tool like the others I use in my work with clients. 

Spiritual Counseling Tips

There are a few things I want every client to know before working with me on a spiritual or psychic level.

The 1st is my belief paradigms. I believe we are all interconnected. Part of one great whole. I believe that before we choose to come to this time and place we mad conscious choices about family, difficulties and all that this life entails. I also believe we are each carrying a piece of the whole within is. A spark, an intelligence, many faiths have many ways of expressing this piece of the Divine Whole. I believe that we each have a role to play and that we should play that role Full Out. Yep that's where that comes from. I believe that you and I and every other person on this planet is vital to our success as a human species and the planet as a whole. We are one.

I also believe that no one can take our unique place. We each need to live our own ego's fully. The good, the bad and the ugly. But also the magnificent, the genius, the broken, the shadow. We are full, complex, contradictory beings. We need each of us to live that fully. We need to learn what it is to be our unique expression, all of it. 

Imagine a piece of a circle. It is part of the circle whole. And, it is a whole piece unto itself. We need to be our whole selves. Not just the socially acceptable bits or the parts we don't mind admitting. All of the piece is what the circle needs to be whole. We can't be the top layer or the bottom layer only, we need to be fully ourselves.

The 2nd is we don't really KNOW precisely, exactly what is beyond the veil of our 5 senses. I can tell you my experiences, but they are just that, my experiences. They are subjective and I have not vetted them in any way. When you ask me to connect with your deceased relative or other loved one, first I connect to the energy signature you recognize them as, then I reach out and basically place a call to that energy signature. I don't know if they will answer, AND how can I guarantee the one who answers is who they say they are? I cannot. They could be your loved one, or they could be some other entity.

I have had experiences that lead me to believe that I am connecting with some piece of that person, their energy signature is unique and it has been verified by the people I am connecting on behalf of. But, I must admit, most people seeking a Medium's help are anxious to believe they have connected with their loved one. 

Which brings me back to where I started, I cannot guarantee in any way that the being we connect with is who they claim to be. I am experienced in this, I've been interacting with non-physical entities since I can remember. My Mom recorded about me in her journal before I can remember my lack of a "veil" from the other side as she called it. So I'm not saying I can't help you. But I am saying, understand that anyone you work with has this same limit. Until we pass ourselves, we cannot say what or who is reaching out to us in our time and space. 

Even those of us that have had near death experiences have only experienced something wholly personal and subjective. I studied near death experiences and subjectively concluded, the next life for those of us who cross over and return is very reflective of our beliefs and conditioning before we temporarily pass. I hypothesize that with more time on the other side those discrepancies would diminish. That the other side reality would be closer to a synthesized experience. And, like this reality, it will be full of personal experiences that lead us to perceive it in a particular way until we detach from egoic identity and resume our place within the whole. 

If after all this, you are interested in working with me in a spiritually healing/guide capacity, I would be honored.

Tel: 1·801·637·2822
Salt Lake City, Utah

Thanks for connecting! I'll be in touch.

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