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Astrological Coaching Testimonials

  I'm grateful for these fantastic people and their willingness to share their experience. 

"One session with Lola gave me more clarity and confidence in my plans and priorities than I've ever had. She validated so many of my experiences, helped me understand why some of the things I had been trying weren't working, and inspired me to trust my intuition. I was fairly nervous and uncertain before our first call, but Lola explained everything so clearly and helped me quickly relax and fully participate. I'm so grateful for Lola's knowledge, compassion, and expertise – thanks to our session my family is pursuing a life-changing move that we may not have been certain about making before. If you feel stuck or unsure in any area of your life, I can't recommend working with Lola enough!" 

                                                                          – Emily C.

"I have spent my entire adult life as someone else’s something; wife, mother, sister, daughter, or whatever else was needed of me. Recently there’s been many changes in my life, and I was overwhelmed, on the inside. On the outside I was a strong, independent woman, because that’s what I made people believe. In my core however, I knew I was lost and unfocused. And so I turned to Lola, not sure how she, or astrology, was going to help but it felt as if I was being pushed towards her. She started by me who I was with 100% accuracy! She told me that my whole life was about giving and never putting my own needs first. I cried tears of relief that somebody actually saw my pain. And what’s more, she felt it! The compassion and empathy that Lola showed was both amazing and soul-lifting. There’s a very comforting aura about her. She took her time to explain what my chart represented and suggested ways for me to take care of myself while still being there for others. I’ve already started implementing some of her ideas and I am feeling more like that strong, independent woman that others think I am. I don’t know that I would’ve been able to start this journey of becoming a healthier, happier version of myself without Lola’s guidance. For that I will be forever grateful." 

                                                                          – KMH

Emily C.



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