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Astrological Coaching Services

When you’re ready for more, I’m here to guide you toward what’s possible

Who are astrology coaching services for?

I work with adults and teens who feel stuck and are open to making changes and improving. 


My clients are looking for a safe space to dig into their strengths and areas of growth based on their experience and astrological chart. 


It’s normal to feel uncertain, nervous, or any number of feelings before our first session, especially if you’ve never had an astrological reading before. I’ll always answer your questions and help you feel at ease. 


Coaching is for you if you are looking to:


✓ Finally get unstuck and move forward


✓ Overcome challenges and reduce stress


✓ Improve meaningful relationships


✓ Get clear on your vision and uncover your purpose


✓ Create new patterns of behavior 

Astrological Coaching is:


  • For people on the brink of something new – empty nesters, entrepreneurs, new parents

  • Focused on moving forward

  • Completely customized to what you need

Astrological Coaching is NOT:


  • Cognitive behavior therapy - Talk Therapy or focusing on the past 

  • A place to get help with mental illness

  • Ideal for processing trauma

We can work on practically anything

Our coaching calls are directed by your needs, goals, challenges, and what we find in your chart. 


There’s no prescriptive method or formula to follow, but it can be helpful to look at examples of ways I’ve worked with others. Read through this list to get inspired for what’s possible.


I’ve helped my clients:

  • Work through writer’s block by reading a chart for a character that has them stuck and unlocking the true nature of the character

  • Move from feeling invisible to prioritizing themselves and feeling awesome about it 


  • Grow their business and become the confident, successful entrepreneur they want to be

  • Understand their teenager and improve their communication and connection

  • Resolve intense conflict within relationships by acting as a mediator to help each partner see the other’s perspective and needs

  • Develop more effective ways of nurturing or relating to their child

There’s no limit to how coaching can help you. What will we focus on in your life?

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Sunset with a sillohette of a person with arms raised creating the illusion of the person's hands holding the sun.
Image by Clark Tibbs - neon sign that says "do something great"

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Lola and I couldn’t be any happier with my experience! Lola is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and oh-so-warm and genuine! Lola gave me very accurate information about my current life as well as some very practical and useful exercises and advice to help me to live my “best life” going forward! 


I am taking her advice and feeling FANTASTIC! Lola helped me find the closure I have been seeking for YEARS and left me with a much, much, MUCH more peaceful heart and happier soul! Life has been a LOT more joyous since our session!”

                                                                          – Mary S.

Mary S.
I’m here to help you rise and transform

Coaching looks different for every person, so I have a very simple approach.


We always start with a birth chart reading. From there, we can focus on anything you want to work on, learn about, or change. 


Each hour of coaching is $145. 

You can start with one or book as many sessions as you’d like. I do offer some package deals for clients who want to commit to longer-term coaching and save some money! 

I offer discounted pricing on longer-term

coaching packages.


6 Session Package: $750 -$120 14% off

12 Session Package: $1479 -$261 15% off

24 Session Package: $2923 -$557 16% off

Astrology Phoenix TM Multi Colored Phoenix Bird

All questions are welcome

I’m answering some of the most common ones right here


What if I don’t know anything about astrology?


You don’t have to! I’ll explain each relevant section of your chart to you in simple, easy-to-understand terms and give you space to reflect on your experience with what is in your chart. 


I’m not in the business of making predictions. Every person has a unique chart and responds differently to what is revealed. All you have to do is show up with an open mind and a curious spirit – I’ll do the astrological work. 

I’ve tried talk therapy and it hasn’t really helped. Will this be different?


Therapy is typically focused on what’s in your past. Astrological coaching is focused on the present and future. I’m not a therapist, so I’m not equipped to help you process trauma and I don’t ever prescribe medication or treatment. 


Many clients find astrological coaching to be more effective than traditional talk therapy, making progress and moving forward after only a few sessions.


What should I expect for our first session?


We’ll always start with a birth chart reading. All I need from you to generate your chart is your specific time of birth (from your birth certificate, not your mom’s memory) and the location of your birth. 


I’ll ask you to answer a few questions before our session so I can prepare for any focus areas of particular interest to you. If you’re feeling nervous (totally normal, by the way), I’m happy to answer your questions before our session, too. 


As we go through your chart, I’ll describe what different sections mean and give you space to examine how that looks in your lived experience. You can stop me to ask questions or clarify as we go – it’s a very relaxed, informal conversation. 


I will share tips and strategies based on what we see in your chart – like how to better relate to your children or partner, what might get you stuck in your professional life, ideas for how to overcome a specific challenge that we see, etc. 


You guide each session – so we’ll leave it open and see where we go! 

Ready to find more freedom?

You have absolute control over how you respond to everything in your life. 

Let me show you how to use your power to live full out!

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