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Meet Your Astrology Coach

Helping people in a way that is as unique and beautiful as you are

How it started...

I’m passionate about helping you reclaim your authority, purpose, and joy

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How it's going...

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Welcome to Astrology Phoenix! I’m Lola – astrology coach, PhD, wife, and mom of three grown kids and two sweet cats. 


I discovered the healing and transformative power of astrology coaching (and a lot of other healing modalities) on my journey to help my children who were born with serious birth and genetic defects. 


Doctors simply looked at my children and said, “There’s nothing we can do to help. Good luck.”


But as a mom, I wouldn’t accept that answer. So ever since, I’ve looked outside the establishment. And I’ve found quite a few answers. 


Along my learning journey, I realized that it wasn’t just my children who needed help. We are all in need of help in some way.


Now that my kids have found healing solutions that work for them and are off living their own happy, healthy lives – I get to focus on helping others do the same.

There is no magic bullet solution to life. But there is the incredible power of your mind to dictate your reality… and I’m passionate about helping adults and teens take back control so they can enjoy the fullness of the human experience.

My Core Values

Everything I do is guided by these principles

Brutal Honesty

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I’m wildly empathetic, but I’m not here to be your feel good buddy. My job is to help you, so I’m always  going to tell you the beautiful, ugly truth

Living Full Out

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We are all part of the whole. At incarnation, we pick out what we will be in this life. And I want you to live that full out. There are no rules – just be YOU

Radical Responsibility

Wood tiles spelling out "Be the change"

You are not a passive participant in your life. You choose how to respond and you are responsible for your own happiness and success

Credentials and Experience

I’m a curious, life-long learner who has spent decades seeking healing modalities and learning about how humans function, heal, and grow.

 Buckle up, because I’ve done a lot:

  • Received my PhD through the University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS) in 2016.  I studied Meditation, Mind - Body - Spirit connection to health and wellbeing 

  • Received my Ministerial Ordination from Wisdom of the Heart Church - Minister 2015

  • Studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy with Kevin Cole

  • Mastered Emotional Freedom Technique - better known as EFT or "Tapping" with Valerie Lis

  • I'm a Reiki Master, trained under M. Kathleen Toleman

  • Self-studied Quantum Healing

  • Low-level certified in Theta Healing through Vianna Stibal's THINK Institute


  • Qualified to teach mind development and reprogramming under the late Bob Proctor and his business partner Sandy Gallagher


  • Certified DISC personality profile assessment from Dr. Robert Rohm 


  • Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach


  •  Currently studying astrology at Astrology University graduating in 2024 

  • Currently studying psychosynthesis at Mark Jones Astrology graduating in 2025

I got to pet an owl
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and... a Bear
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Things in life that bring me joy

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Our Grownup Family

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The Magic of Reading

Being In Nature

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Black Cat




Our Sweet Cats

Feeling pulled to work with an astrology coach who will tell you the truth and help you start truly living?
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