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Analysis of Birth Charts and Coaching for Teens

I love helping teenagers identify their strengths and areas of potential growth based on their natal chart and lived experience

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Readings for teens

As the mom of 3 grown children, I found the teenage years to be my favorite stage. 


Tweens and teens are insightful, capable, and delightful. 


My goal is to help your teen become a well rounded, content, emotionally stable and happy young adult.


My work doesn’t focus on getting good grades or living up to the expectations of others. We talk about what they find fun, how they relate to their friends and family, and what success means to them. 


I am happy to do a natal chart reading and coaching with your teen, but I do have strict rules when it comes to working with young people. I never force them to discuss a topic (even if you request that we do) and I give them the autonomy and freedom to lead the discussion, just like with my adult clients. 


If you have any questions about how a reading will work for your teen, please reach out so we can chat about it.

FlowersNeed TimeTo BloomSo Do You

Benefits of astrology coaching for tweens and teens

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Young people are empowered by what we 

discover in their chart. Our work together will build their confidence in exactly who they are

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When a teen can understand how they relate to others and what lights up their soul, they are freed from self-doubt and flooded with joy

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Together, your tween or teen and I will dig into what they care about, what they’re good at, and what they want to do with their beautiful life

Boundaries and Rules

  • I only work with tweens and teens aged 12-17

  • I will never force a young person to discuss a topic or challenge they don’t want to talk about

  • Sessions are led without parents present to give your teen a safe, judgment-free  space to speak freely and process

  • This is not therapy. I am not a medical doctor. If your teen would benefit from one of those services, I will refer you to another professional who is better suited to meet their needs

  • A teen’s session is guided and directed by them, not the parent

  • I never tell a tween or teen what to do. I ask questions to help them explore their own beliefs, fears, and desires without sharing my opinions. I am a 100% neutral participant

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Booking a session for your tween or teen

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If you’ve experienced the power of astrological coaching or you believe this is a good fit for your teen, I’m happy to meet with them.


We’ll start with a free 30-minute consultation to help me determine if this is a good fit. 


After our free session – if they are a good candidate for coaching – we will book a session or package of sessions.


Coaching is $145/hour.


I offer discounted pricing on longer-term coaching packages.


6 Session Package: $750 14% off


12 Session Package: $1479 15% off

24 Session Package: $2923 16% off

Want to empower your tween or teen to live full out and embrace exactly who they are?

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