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Astrology Coaching Is Amazing, but it can't do everything.


I am not an therapist, LCSW, psychotherapist or any other mental health professional. I am also not a medical professional. Any advice is to be checked with your doctor, therapist, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional whose pervue the said advice falls under. Advice is given with the notice that if said advice is in conflict with advice from your healthcare professional, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional, then the responsibility is on the client to follow the advice of the licensed professional and not the advice of Astrology Phoenix, LLC or Lola Hardy. 

Astrology can not predict the future. We can discuss possibilities, but there are NO guarantees the items discussed or that energetics named will bring about any results, situations or outcomes. 

Coaching can not guarantee results. Results are based on individual situations, and the work of that individual. While we can work toward improvement, Astrology Phoenix is not responsible for the outcomes of coaching. 

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